China Best Sales WR106XHD/WH106XHD Welded Steel Chain C-Hub Sprockets with Free Design Custom

WH106XHD-C Sprocket

This WH106XHD sprocket will function with both WH106XHD welded steel chain and WH106XHD welded steel chain. We can source this sprocket manufactured out of moderate metal or QT400 hardened steel and possibly reliable development, break up to bolt, split for welding development for each request. Also we can provide this sprocket machined or precision hobbed for large-speed purposes. Furthermore, we can offer this sprocket as a brass, nylon or UHMW loafer complete with grease grooves and grease fittings.


  • Will Operate With WR106XHD Chain &amp WH106XHD Chain
  • Premium Top quality Chain Sprocket
  • Extensive Selection Of Choices Available
  • Very best Pricing From United states of america Roller Chain &amp Sprockets


Sprocket Quantity Quantity Of Tooth Hub Diameter Pitch Diameter Type Shroud Diameter Tooth Face
Maximum Bore
WH106XHD-C6 six 6.050″ twelve.000″  C-Hub 12.108″ one.five hundred” 4.9375″
WH106XHD-C7 seven six.050″ 13.070”  C-Hub 13.068” 1.five hundred” four.9375″
WH106XHD-C8 8 6.050″ fifteen.680″  C-Hub 14.128″ one.500″ four.440″
WH106XHD-C9 9 six.050″ seventeen.540″  C-Hub 16.120″ 1.500″ 4.440″
WH106XHD-C10 10 six.050″ 19.420″  C-Hub 18.068″ one.five hundred” five.9375″
WH106XHD-C11 eleven 6.050″ 21.three hundred”  C-Hub twenty.086″ 1.five hundred” 5.9375″
WH106XHD-C12 twelve 6.050″ 23.180″  C-Hub 22.046″ 1.five hundred” 5.9375″
WH106XHD-C13 thirteen 6.050″ twenty five.070″  C-Hub 24.010″ one.500″ 5.9375


We aslo offer a total variety of the two precision roller chain and engineered.

Purposes are assorted and selection from conveyor, elevator transfer to wide basic industrial electricity transmission specialty purposes with attachments and/or unique resources are also accessible.